Skills In English Writing

We utilize many different sounds each day to comprise this thing we call language. It comes as somewhat innate to us because we have been using it since we were very young, but these sounds are actually rather complicated and can be classified based on how we make them within our body. Each language uses different sounds, in fact most available sounds are not found in the English alphabet. For reasons of translation, Linguists have created the "Universal Phonetic Alphabet" to aid in translating between languages that do not share similar sounds.

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When you are thinking about learning english grammar, that is a good time to practice your speaking aloud. When I am working on learning a new language, I do the same thing. I think about the things I want to say, and I say them out loud. Even if I'm not talking to anyone but myself. That way you can hear your speech aloud and you can hear the things you might be mis-pronouncing or not emphasizing.

Keep a phonectic alphabet handy. A phonetic alphabet sounds can be a dream when deciphering between similar sounding letters. "Is that 'P' as in 'Paul' or 'B' as in 'boy?'" Try using the alphabet that police and the military use, or make your own!

A collection of pronunciation lesson plans. Easy to read, use and print PDFs can be found here. There are many exercises for teaching stress and speech sounds, but most are for British English. You can find lists of minimal pairs for phonemic symbols both consonants and vowels at this site. There's also a link to an article on the 100 most commonly mispronounced words.

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In Australia they use to name the storms after politicians and phonetic alphabet printable that was great because the come and go and you never run out of them or all their hot air. Think about what I am saying here, how I have said it and what my purpose in proposing it in this fashion really is?